6 Incredible Android Apps You Must Try

6 Incredible Android Apps You Must Try

January 23, 2018 4 By Akshay

6 Incredible Android Apps You Must Try

Welcome back guys, to another article of best android apps.Here I explore some new Android apps from the world of Playstore and share with all you tech lovers.As we know the world of PlayStore is growing day by day.So, it keeps getting difficult to find good apps.But somehow I found  6 Incredible Android Apps You Must Try.So let’s just quickly jump to our today’s topic of 6 Incredible Android Apps You Must Try.


ZEDGE is one of the oldest websites on the internet when it comes to providing Android stuff like wallpapers and ringtone.This site was launched way before Android became famous.I remember, about 6-7 years ago, had Nokia 3310 classic.Android ZEDGE.net was my favorite website to download new ringtones, games, and wallpapers for my phone.And Now they have launched their Android app.From here you can get Wallpapers, Ringtones, Iconpacks, Widgets, and games.And in my opinion, you must check out this app by clicking the download button.

                                        ZEDGE ZEDGE


You might have seen people posting images on Instagram and Facebook, Where in one corner there is one quote something like ”Shot On Samsung Galaxy S8” or some other device.And if you do want to add this thing to your pictures.Then this is the app for you.It is pretty simple.Open this application.Tap on big ”+” icon and select image.After that, you can choose what you want to write on your image.You can even write your name or anything else you want.After that simply save it or share it on your social media profiles.



This app is for all the music lovers.So, you just install this app from the play store.And after that, you are ready to rock.This application has almost every song.From new to old and yes songs are available in English as well as in many other languages.And one great thing about this app is that here you also get an option to download the songs.Which directly goes to the sd card means you can listen to that song without the SONGily app and can also share that song with all your friends.So, all the music lovers go check it out.


4.F Movies

F Movies is a great app and is more for everyone.Because this app provides us all the latest and old movies.If I am saying latest that means the movie released 2 days ago will be present there.And also movies released 20 years ago are also present here.And one more thing to notice here is that movies are present in almost every language.From English to Hindi and from Spanish to German as well.

                                                          F MOvies


Notbloc is a simple application and has some simple yet very useful functionality.Here you can scan your documents and then save them or share them with anyone else.So at first open this app, then select either you want to select an image from the gallery or you want to click a new one.After that this app will automatically determine the edges of that document.And that’s it.Now you can save that image as a pdf file or as a jpg file.NoteBloc


The 6th and last app on the list is ZEOTROPIC.This app is just amazing.With this app, you can put life into still images.For example, if you click an image where there is water and clouds/sky, like the image below.Then with the help of this application, you can make the sky and water move in a direction.Also, you can select which image you want to be still.For example, In this image, I made water and sky move and ship and moon still.After all editing thing is done.You can save this moving image as a GIF or as a Video.I think this is one cool app that you should have on your phone.


So, that was our list of 6 Incredible Android Apps You Must Try.Stay tuned with GekkyGoom.com for more amazing app lists.