8 Most Useful Android Apps February 2018

8 Most Useful Android Apps February 2018

February 5, 2018 0 By Akshay

8 Most Useful Android Apps February 2018

Happy February to all of you geeks.With that being said here is the list of 8 Most Useful Android Apps February 2018.This list compiles different types of apps in different categories.And the functionality these apps provide is very useful.So, finally, here it is the list of 8 Most Useful Android Apps February 2018.

1.Meteor Swipe

This Android app will provide you a quick access app drawer.Which you can access by swiping your finger from the right side of the screen.It is pretty much like we see on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S8 devices.One great feature is that you can customize this app drawer according to your needs.Means, you add either add or remove app according to your needs.

meteor swipe


Most of you would probably know about Canva.com.If not, then Canva is a very famous photo editing or says photo designing website/App.Here you can create awesome youtube thumbnails, facebook posts, blog images and much more another type of images too.You can either create images by using templates or use your own creativity to design professional images.


3.Pixel Scapes

Pixel Scapes is a Live wallpaper application.Here you get three amazing live wallpapers that you can set on your phone’s home screen.Wallpapers are kind of pixelated and provide some great looks.SO, I think this is one app that you should try at least once.

pixel scape


Again, we have one more wallpaper application on our list.But this is totally different from PixeScape live wallpapers.Here you will get tons of wallpapers categorized into different categories.Plus, the main highlighting feature of this application is that you can download wallpapers for your android phone as well as for your pc.So, suppose if you like a wallpaper, click on that one.Then click on set as an option if you want to set that as your wallpaper on your phone.Or click on Download option if you want to download that same wallpaper for your android phone.


5.After Focus

With this app, you can recreate your images.I mean, you can add bokeh effect to your normal images clicked with a single camera phone.So for that, you need open that images in this app in which you want to blur the image.From various options on the left side, choose the first one and mark the subject, then use the third tool to mark the background.And that’s it.Now click on Next button, And here it is You have successfully added the voken effect to your image.


6.Files Go

Next application on the list is Files Go.This is a recently launched app by Google.This app is a file manager that has many options.For example, This app provides you the feature to share files with other Files Go user over the wifi network in a much faster way.Also here everything is properly categorized.And lastly, this app shows you some on the main screen to indicate you that from where you can save some space on your android phone.

files go

7.Fastkey Launcher

Second last app on our list of 8 Most Useful Android Apps February 2018 is a launcher.This launcher is specially designed for those peoples who have so much application on their phone at one time.On this launcher, you get a keyboard on the home screen.With which you can quickly search for Apps and Contacts.

fastkey launcher

8.App Sales

App sales application a unique android app.This app lets you know about the app sales going to the Play store.Means, For which apps the price is dropping.Also in this app, you can check out the list of those apps which was recently paid, but currently they are available for free.Also, you can create your wishlist too.

App sales

So, Guys, I think this list of 8 Most Useful Android Apps February 2018 will surely help you to find some good android apps.