Android P 9.0 Release Date Features and Rumors

Android P 9.0 Release Date Features and Rumors

February 23, 2018 6 By Akshay

Android is a hell of a beautiful Os.It is not stable as that of iOS but still, it is very much good.And we users love Android.Android provides so many features and customizations as compared to iOs.Like installing custom ROMs and customizing your android with the third-party apps.But sadly there are some things that Android need to do better in future if he wants to beat iOS.And one main thing Android need to do is providing updates to the devices.Currently Android is in its 8th generations but only 1.1% devices have Android Oreo.

ANdroid P 9.0

But this year with Android P 9.0 it could be a great chance for Google to increase its reach to more users.

Here in this article, we will discuss everything that we know about upcoming Android P 9.0 through rumors, past Android history and some inside leaks.

Topics Covered

  • What will be the name of Android P 9.0?
  • What will be the release date of Android P 9.0?
  • What will be main features of Android P 9.0?
  • Which devices will get Android P 9.0 update?

What will be Name of Android P 9.0?

As we have seen with the previous versions of Android that the name of every Android version is based on a sweet.And every new version is launched in an alphabetic order as :

  • Android Donut
  • Android Eclair
  • Android Froyo
  • Andriod Gingerbread
  • Android Honeycomb
  • Android Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Android Jellybean
  • Android KitKat
  • Android Lollipop
  • Android Marshmallow
  • Android Noughat
  • Android Oreo

In 2018, will see the Android P.According to rumors the ”P”could stanANdroid Pie, Android Pecan Pie or Android Pumpkin.Thanks to a reference to Android Pi within Google Open Source Project.

But still, no one can predict what would be the actual name of the Android P.According to new rumors the name of Android P could be Pistachio Ice Cream.This name is What Google is calling it internally.The official name of Android P 9.0 will be revealed in summer.

Also, you can tell us what would be your favorite name for Android P 9.o through the comment box.

What will be the release date of Android P 9.0?

Android P 9.0 is most likely to be launched in Google I/O 2018.Which might take place in mid may.Somewhere around 15 or 16 may.But we might see the early developer versions of Android P 9.0 in the month of March.That we can install in Google pixel devices as we have seen in 2017 with Android Oreo.

What will be main features of Android P 9.0?

At this point in time, there are not that much of rumors about the features of Android P 9.0.But still, we know about some.According to rumors, Google will remove access to unofficial APIs(means, which are not the part of official SDK).

The New Android 9.0 may support Wi-Fi print and Bluetooth Hearing Aids.The new Android P 9.0 will also prevent background application running to access mic and camera in order to spy on you.

According to Bloomberg, New Os will also support ”notch”.Something we have seen in iPhone X.Android P 9.0 will also support devices with multiple displays and foldable displays like Samsung Galaxy X.

This is what we all know at this time.But things we are expecting are a better picture in picture mode, faster update rollouts, better optimization and some more stability in Os.

Which devices will get Android P 9.0 update?

Something to notice is that It is not Google who is responsible for the updates for your phone.It is your smartphone manufacturer.Google always releases only the stock version of the Os.It is your phone manufactures who takes time to customize the stock Android in their UI.Means, more the time phone manufacturer take to customize the Os.Later will be the updates.

For example, Pixel device gets updates very fast.Because they use stock android and they don’t require any customization.On the other, Ui like MIUI from Xiaomi is very heavy.ANd takes so much time for customization.So, that Xiaomi devices get late updates.

In general, The Pixel devices will be the first to get Android P 9.0 update.followed by Samsung, Nokia and other manufacturers