Best Android Games Under 50 MB For 2018

January 17, 2018 4 By Akshay

Best Android Games Under 50 MB For 2018

This article is for those peoples who want simple yet addictive games in less than 50 MB.So here is the list of Best Android games under 50 MB for 2018.All the games are very much addictive and I highly suggest to try all of the games at least once.

1.Go Plane

The very First game on our list Go plane.This game is very much simple and a hell lot of addictive.Here you will get a small sized plane flying in the sky.And you will see that there are so many missiles following that plane.So, here you have to manipulate the missiles and dodge them.The more number of missiles you dodge, the more will be your score.And you can always watch your score on the top right side of the screen.

                                        Go Plane                      Go Plane

2.Shadow Skate

2nd game is Shadow Skate.Here your character is a shadow.Which is traveling on a skateboard.Here you have to start from the starting point and by crossing all the difficulties and hurdles to reach the Endpoint.Also, you need to collect the coins coming in your way.And to control your character there is a control in the left side to control the speed of the skate and from the right side controls you can either jump your character or let him sit down to cross a hurdle.

Shadow Skate


3rd game is DUNE.Here you need to understand three main things in the game.The ball, Mountains and a white color line on the top of mountains.Basically, you have to accelerate your ball and with help of mountains slopes, you have to cross the ball and white line as many times as possible.More number of times the ball crosses the line more will be your score.


4th and last game on the list is Cyber Sphere.Here your character is a drone.And you need to destroy the other drones coming near to you.On the left side of the screen, there is a joystick to control the movement of the drone. And from the right joystick, you can control in which direction you want to fire. Also in the middle of the screen, there will be options to switch between the armors.

So This was our list of Best Android Games Under 50 MB For 2018.Stay tuned with for more tech.