Best Custom Roms For One Plus 5T

Best Custom Roms For One Plus 5T

One Plus 5T is One Plus exclusive phone, launched in November 2017.This phone has all the features of a flagship phone and still holds a decent price.Which a medium budget user can afford.This phone has 6.01-inch touchscreen AMOLED display with the resolution of 1080 pixels by 2160.It is important to notice that the hardware size of One Plus 5 and 5T is exactly same.But, somehow One Plus added a big 6.01-inch display (with the aspect ratio of 18:9) in the same chassis.Now let us talk about our topic which is about Roms.All One Plus devices have Oxygen OS which is the slightly retouched version of stock android.Which is one of the best Custom Rom in my opinion. But still we users like to install new Roms and try them out.Sometimes just for fun and sometimes we actually need them.So,in this article I am sharing some of the best custom roms for the One Plus 5T available right now. is some of the Best Custom Roms for One Plus 5T in my opinion.

Best Custom Roms For One Plus 5T


Lineage OS

The Time when Cyanogen Mod died, many peoples thought that we have lost the best custom ROM.But when Lineage OS launched, every disappointment regarding the death of Cyanogen Mod also died.Because this Rom was equally good as Cyanogen Mod.This rom is one of the best Rom for One Plys 5T.It holds some great features like the option to customise Status bar ,Navbar ,Navbar color ,Theme and many more.


Ressurection Remix

Ressurection Remix is the well-known name for modding in the world of custom Roms.RR is based on the structure of Lineage OS.But it has some tweaking option than Lineage OS.It does include some tweaks from the well known Mokee Rom as well.It also includes kernel auditor and a big list of useful tweaks.


Paranoid Android

This is one amazing Rom which is CAF based.Since it is CAF so it brings many improvements to your phone.This rom has many amazing features like Reworked Pie, Color Engine, Immersive Mod, Button customisation, Two step input boost, off-screen gestures and many more.Overall, it is the rom that one should definitely try.

DOWNLOAD FROM HERE(not availale officially)

Freedom OS

Freedom Os comes with many features two of them are in build Magisk manager and Safety Net.It does hold ARISE and Viper 4 Android Sound enhancement system.Which sounds great.


Here was the list of Best Custom Roms For One Plus 5T.Don’t forget to tell us which one you liked the most.And do share it with all your friends.







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