Get 1200 Games in Only One Android App

January 16, 2018 0 By Akshay

1200 games 1Get 1200 Games in Only One Android App

Have you heard of an application that provides you more than one game at a time.Here you will come to know about an application not only has Two, Three or four games in it.But this Android application holds 1200 games in 1 single app.But the more surprising thing about this application whose name also is 1200 Games In 1, is that its Size is only 1.56 MB.

I mean, it is totally surprising.That how could a 1.56 MB app hold these much of games.

Talking about the games.All the games here are vintage.Means, these are those games which used to play in our childhood.Like Super Mario, Contra, Road Fight, Bombman and many more.

Also, graphics of these of these game are kind of old if we compare them to the modern games.But still I would say, I really enjoyed playing all of these in that graphics.

You also get all remote control controls on your screen.You get Left, Right, Up and Down buttons on left side of screen.A, B, C , D buttons on the right side of the screen and Options and start button on these middle of the screen.

At the last,I would highly recconmend you to try out these at least once.And stay tuned with for tech stuffs.