Google Assistant Coming to Jio Feature Phone very soon

Google Assistant Coming to Jio Feature Phone very soon

December 5, 2017 21 By Akshay

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At, Google for India event in New Delhi, Google made big announcements for developing India.Like the new Android Go OS.A lighter version of Android OS.Which will work on the entry-level Android Devices, which holds 1 GB of RAM.So, they can run smoothly without any hassle or without any kind of Stutle or lag.

Apart from that Google also made a big announcement regarding Reliance Jio feature Phone.Which has a 2.4-inch screen, a custom Firefox OS-based Kai OS.And provided free(effectively) to Jio users.

The Big news is that Google will provide its Google Assistant for Jio Phone.Although, Jio Phone already has its Hello Jio.But that is not That much powerful.But, it must be noted that not the real android version of Google assistant is coming to Jio Phone.It is going to be a customized Light version of Google Assistant.Which will support the Hindi Language.And may have a slightly different look.

With the Launch of Google Assistant for jio phone, Google is trying to catch a big market of feature phone users in India.There is 78 Crore Phone users in India, Out of which 50 Crores are Feature phone user.So,won’t be wrong to say that Google has taken a great step to capture the feature phone market in India.

But, We would like to see some more collaborations with brands like Nokia, Lava and much more who also create Feature phones in India.

Apart from this Google also announced some bigger things.Like

1.Android Go Oreo Edition

2.Google Go

3.A new update to Google Tez where now you can pay bills, perform recharges etc.

4.New Two wheeler mode in Google maps.

5.Files Go

It looks like that Google is taking a big intrust in Indian Tech market.And why not to, The is growing fastly and taking the big steps in the smartphone industry.

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