Google Tez App-Win 1 Lakh Rupees

Google Tez App-Win 1 Lakh Rupees

With the digital wallets and money transfer giants like PayTM,PhonePe, and Bhim, Google also jumped into the market with there all new app Google Tez.This app is available in both App store and Play store.If you are on ios you must have ios 8.2 or above.This app includes some new ways to transfer money that we will discuss below.Plus you have a chance to earn 1 lakh rupees.So, there are few things about Google Tez that you must know before installing.


  1. Google Tez is available on both ios and android.And it supports many local languages like Hindi,Kannada,Gujarati,Marathi etc and many more to be added soon.
  2. To register on app you are asked to enter the mobile number registered with your bank account.After that, you have to choose your bank from a number of banks.
  3. Afte that you are prompted to create a fresh new UPI account.then after completing steps like choosing bank,verifying via OTP.You are asked to askted to created UPI  Pin, But you already have UPI pin configured with your bank account you can use that too instead of creating new.
  4. For security, you can use Fingerprint Scanner of your phone, Pin Or Use a specific pin which is different from Screen lock pin.
  5. For payment, you have all the necessary option like payment via UPI Id, Bank Account Number+IFSC code and others.Tez app has introduced a new way to transfer money, and for that you need to keep sender and receiver phone near to each other after that you can transfer money without entering any phone number or Any other details.
  6. Then Final thing comes into play which inRefferal program.So if you refer to your friend you will receive Rs.51 once he completes his first transaction.And your friend will also receive the same account.Apart from that, using the app to transfer money (Rs. 50 and above) awards both the sender and the recipient Google Tez Scratch Cards, with one scratch card per week for the sender-recipient. Scratch card gives user the chance to earn up to Rs. 1,000, which is transferred back to bank account. Users can earn a maximum of 10 rewards per week, up to a total of Rs. 9,000 per financial year. There are two types of Google Tez Scratch Cards. The blue ones are awarded to both sender and recipient, while one red ‘Lucky Sundays’ is awarded to the sender only once per week. This red Google Tez Scratch Card is locked until the Sunday, and users will be able to scratch it for a chance to win up to Rs. 1 lakh.Isn’t it Coool





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