How To Become Rich Online Very Fastly

How To Become Rich Online Very Fastly

March 20, 2018 1 By Akshay

Nowadays everyone wants to become rich.Because everyone has some dream.Like someone wants to get a car or want to buy a new home etc.And there are two ways to make money.The first one is the traditional method.Which is complete your study with some good grades and apply for the job in different companies.And wait for the interview call.And if you get selected for any job.Then get ready to wake up early in the morning to go the office.To spend all of your time sitting on the chair.On the other hand, there is one more method for How To Become Rich Online.

Which is the online way.In the online way to make money, you get so many options to choose from.And there is no fixed time for the work.You can work anytime from anywhere in an online way.

So, here in this article, I will be explaining to you guys some methods about How To Become Rich Online.So, without any further ado let’s quickly jump into the main content.


I hope most of you guys might know about is a freelancing website which offers an opportunity for everyone to make money with very fewer efforts.Here on the, you offer some services to other people.The service could be anything it could be about creating an Android app for someone, transcribing a file, writing some essays etc.Even I have seen peoples making tons of dollars just by creating some really crapy funny dance videos.So, no matter what kind of talent you have, here you can generate some good money.



The second method and most profitable method in our list of How To Become Rich Online Very Fastly is creating your own blogging website.You can choose the niche of your website according to your interest.It could be tech, lifestyle, food, travel or anything else you like.Let me give you an example of one of the biggest blogger in India.His name is Harsh Agarwal and he is running his blog since 1 Dec 2018.And he has generated more than 40,000 dollars in just one month(Februray 2018).From here I guess you can take an example that how much you can earn if you start working regularly on your website.

3.App Development

Currently, app devolvement is on the trend.You can also create some good android apps if you have some good ideas in mind.But, if you don’t have a really creative idea then don’t worry still you can make money.So, let me give you an example of mine.A few days back I created one really simple Android App about Whatsapp status.From, this Android app you can copy status an can put them on your WhatsApp or any other social media platform.And at this time I am making some good amount from this app.Now you guys might be thinking that I have uploaded this app to play store and thousands of people have to download this app from theirs.But it is not like that.I just created the app, applied some AdMob adds and shared my app with my friends and on my social media.Now the final question comes, how to create an android app.So, there are two main methods.You can either create with Android studio(if you have knowledge about coding).Or you can create an app with you don’t know about coding).


Participating in surveys is also a great way to utilize your free time to make some extra income.There are so many PTC sites that money for completing surveys.So you just have to participate in the survey, answer the questions and boom you will get the money.One of the best sites is


If you some kind of knowledge about anything or if you can entertain people, you YouTube is the place for you.If you love technology (like me) then you can make some good amount of money sharing your thoughts about the new technology or by providing some solutions for the tech-related problem.There is a huge of variety video journal available on the youtube, like fashion, vlogging, food, comedy etc.So, you can choose your favorite category and start making videos.

6.Affiliate Marketing

If you have some good online presence then affiliate marketing is best for you.Basically, affiliate marketing means influencing people to buy a specific product or a service.You can join an affiliate program(like I joined for Amazon) and start sharing your affiliate link with peoples.Or you can post those links on your website(if you have one).And if people buy that product using your link, you will get a specific percentage money of price of that product.So, this could be a great way to make some good amount of money.Do try this.

7.Domain Name Buy and Sell

Domain name means your website.Like mine is might be wondering what is this domain name buy and sell means.But trust me this is could be the best answer for how to become rich online?

The Concept here is very simple.If you have some strong feeling about a domain name.Means if you think that this domain can have a good value at future then but that from GoDaddy or from any domain registrar.And if in future someone needs to buy that then he will contact you.And then you can sell that domain at your desired price.People make thousands of dollars from this business.And if practice bit, you can sell a $2 domain name at $2000.

how to become rich online

So, Guys, that was the 7 answers to your question, How To Become Rich Online Very Fastly?