Markup From Android P Ported For Any Android Phone

Markup From Android P Ported For Any Android Phone

March 14, 2018 5 By Akshay

A few days back Google Launched the preview version of the Android P.The preview of Android P was exclusively available for the Pixel devices and Nexus devices.In the Android P, the also launched one feature which is known by the name of Markup.Markup is a screenshot editor.With the help of markup, an Android P user can directly his/her screenshot without using any other third party photo editor.And fortunately now Markup from Android P is nor available for other Android devices too.

In Order to use Markup from Android P in your Android, you first need to download the Markup apk file by clicking on the Download button given below this article.Then install that apk file on your android as you install any other application.But be sure the unknown sources option is enabled on your device.

Once the Markup from Android P is installed successfully on your Android device.You will see that there is Markup app logo in the app drawer.So, don't worry.Everything is alright.

Now you are all set to click a screenshot.So, just click a screenshot by pressing and holding the Volume Down And Power button together for 1-2 seconds.Then open that screenshot.And now you need to click on the share button and choose the Markup app.Hopefully, now you might have reached on the Markup from Android P.

Now you can edit screenshot as you want.Now you can write anything on the screenshot if you want.You can draw anything on the screenshot with any colored pencil.And you can also crop the screenshot too.

Since, this is ported from the preview version.So there not so much of the options are available.But we hope that soon the developer will add some new features to this.

Markup from Android P

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