Microsoft Launched Microsoft Edge Browser For Android And iOS

Microsoft Launched Microsoft Edge Browser For Android And iOS

December 1, 2017 5 By Akshay

microsoft edge browser for android and ios

Microsoft Launched Edge Browser For Android And iOS

Microsoft has launched their Microsoft Edge Browser for Android and ios on date Dec 1, 2017.This browser is mainly focused on Windows 10 users who want their PC browser to be synced with their daily use smartphone.But, the question arises.Will it be able to give competition to the legendary Google Chrome Browser?

Currently, no one can answer this question.Only time, user-feedback and Microsoft’s dedication about Edge can answer this.

                                                         Microsoft edge for Ios

Here Are Some Main Features Of Microsoft Edge Browser For Android And iOS

  • Continue on PC: With this feature, you can browser/move content between your Android/iOS.But for this, you need to install windows 10 Fall Creator’s Update.
  • Data Sync          : Your favorite bookmarks, reading list and passwords are always connected on across your devices.
  • QR Code Reader: With the help of Microsoft edge for Android and iOS.You can quickly read the QR codes.And can get all the information on one single page.Isn’t it useful?
  • Vioce Search     : Microsoft Edge Browser for Android and iOS also provides the feature to use voice to search for things, places or anything.Google has also implemented this Voice search feature on their Google Chrome Browser a decade before Microsoft edge for Android and iOS.So, This is not something new to us.
  • In Private          : This is what we call Incognito Mode in Chrome Browser.Means, when this mode is enabled,                                     none of the history, passwords, temporary internet files or cookies will not be stored in the browser.


At last, If you ask me, is it good or bad.My answer would be, It is good,But is require some improvements.

Firsly there is no swipe option between bookmarks, reading list, history, and downloads.Secondly, Animation of tabs is not that much good.Lastly, there is no feature to see top stories or news feeds.


So these were my thoughts on Microsoft Edge Browser for Android and iOS.If you do like this
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