Must Play Android Games for March 2018

Currently, we are in the 3rd month of the year 2018.And as every month this is the time to show up some really cool Android games for March 2018.All games in this list are different from each other.Means you will get a chance a chance to enjoy the different type of the game.So, without further ado let us get started.

Android Games for March 2018


Orbia is very simple and addictive game.Here your mission will be to move your character from one circle to another circle.But the cache here is that almost all the circles are covered by some enemy characters.And if you hit those enemy characters while moving from one circle to another.Your game will get finished.More circles you pass more will be your score.

Android Games for March 2018

2.Faily Brakes

Next game on our list of Android Games for March 2018 is Faily brakes.Here your character will be driving a car, whose brakes are failed.The car is going downhill and you have to make the car travel maximum distance without hitting the trees and other obstacles in the way.

Android Games for March 2018


The third game on the list is Xenowek.The xenowerk is a kind of action shooter game.Here your aim is going to be of killing a specific task provided to you in the starting of a specific level.And by the way, you have to kill multiple big and small mutants.From, my personal experience with the game I can assure you that you won’t regret installing this game on your android phone.So, do check out this game at least once.

Android Games for March 2018

4.Falcon Squad

Next game on our list of Android Games for March 2018 is Falcon Squad.The Falcon Squad runs only in the portrait mode.In this game, you will get a plane firing the bullet.With those bullets, you have to kill the enemies coming in your way.While you kill those enemies you also get some reward coins that you can use to upgrade your plane or to buy another high-level plane.

Android Games for March 2018

5.Full Of Sparks

Next game is very intrusting and has some unique concept in it.Here the story is that your character is a cracker(that we usually use in festivals).All the cracker are bursting one by one from the sparks of one another.But you character which is also a cracker, don’t want to burst.So, your mission here is to move that character and make him dive into the water as soon as possible.

Android Games for March 2018

6.Bot Heads

Last game is Bot Heads.In Bot Head Android Game your character is a small robot have a jetpack kind of technology.Her you have to guide your robot in the atmosphere and make him reach his destination.I must say the game is very well designed by the developers.The graphics here are very much pleasant.Also, the background sound of this game is also very very good.And all of these things combined make this game a great time killer.

Android Games for March 2018

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