PUBG Is Now Available On Mobile as PUBG Mobile

PUBG Is Now Available On Mobile as PUBG Mobile

March 20, 2018 1 By Akshay

After the launch of Fortnite Battle Royale, the developers of PUBG Tencent Games have released PUBG for Android as PUBG Mobile across the world.In recent few days, Epic Games' Fortnite: Battle Royale was the center of discussion for all the gamers.But it looks like with the launch of PUBG Mobile Tencent Games want to grab their position back in the market again.

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PUBG Mobile is not like a newly designed game for the mobiles especially.It is just a ported version of PUBG.The game is ported using the Unreal Engine4 from the PC, and as of now, this game has only the only the real map.This game also supports 100 player mayhem like PC.You can use the inbuilt microphone of your phone to interact with other players globally if you are playing online.

Now, if you are thinking that since it is ported from PC, then it won't have any touch controls and you have to buy a special controller for this game especially.Then my friend doesn't worry this game has touch controller.And they work amazingly great.

On my experience with PUBG Mobile on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, I can say that game is working super fine.I was getting some great frames per second.Also, shooting enemies is like buttery smooth.You just need to aim your enemy and tap on the shoot button, simple as that.The gameplay looked quite interactive and addictive to me as I was playing PUBG for the very first time.

From the developer's side is recommended to have at least iPhone 6 to get the best experience if you are on iOS platform.And if you are on Android platform, your Android phone must have Android 4.3 or above.So, when you open this game for the very first time on your device, the game will automatically detect the device and adjust the best graphics settings possible.

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