Top 10 Best Android Apps For January 2018

Top 10 Best Android Apps For January 2018

January 11, 2018 13 By Akshay

Top 10 Android Apps For January 2018Top 10 Best Android Apps For January 2018

A new year has started.And with the new year, we must try some new application on our Android phones.So here is the first list of top 10 best android apps for January 2018.So, stay tuned and enjoy Top 10 Best Android Apps For January 2018.


As all of us know that recently WhatsApp added a feature to recall/delete messages from your friends' phone that you had sent to him.And with the help of this application, you can know about that message that your friend has deleted.Means, you can still read that message even if the sender has deleted it permanently.Isn't it a useful thing.


2.Filmic Pro

This app was first launched on App Store for iOS users.But a few days ago, developers made it available for Android also.This a very powerful video recording app.This app has all the professional feature that you can expect from a high-end app.Here you can control fps for video recording, control white balance and a hell lot of other features too that you see on a high-end video recording camera.But currently, this app is not available for all countries.But still, we have provided you the link from where you can download it.

3.X Home Bar

New iPhone X ditched the Home button.And they introduced the Home bar.And many people including me really loved that thing.Because it was something new that sounded cool.And if you too want this feature on your android phone.Then it is very much simple as of now.You just download this app and Boom, you got the home bar on your android phone.So, now no need to sell your kidney to buy iPhone.


As of now, there is no feature in the stock Instagram app to upload Panorama images.But with the help of Pennify application, you can post panorama images on Instagram with very ease.So, in order to do that you need to open this application.And select that that panorama image you want to pot.Then you need to select in how many pats you want to cut it.It is completely your choice.Then you need to open the Instagram. And there you need you select all of those images that you made by cutting one panorama image into multiple.Finally, you can see that you have successfully posted the panorama image on your Instagram profile.

5.Wall Roach

Wall Roach is currently my daily driver for wallpapers.This is a new application on play store which has some really great wallpapers.Some of the wallpapers on this app are in 4k and some of them are in 2k.You can always shuffle wallpapers and load new wallpapers by swiping upside down.Also, this has a Category section where wallpapers are divided into different categories.You can use this section to find a wallpaper of your choice.In my opinion, it is a must try app.


I guess all of you know about Grammarly extension for Chrome browser.If you enable this extension on chrome.Then every one time you write anything like a blog post, an email or anything else.It tells you about your grammar mistakes and also provides you the option to correct them in one single click of the mouse.Similarly, Grammarly Keyboard application searches for grammar mistakes and shows you the option to correct them.Overall, this application is very useful for everyone, because we all write.

7.Gravity Launcher

In the seventh place, we have gravity launcher.And I must say it is one of the most unique launcher that I have seen in last few days.It is kind of hard to explain this thing but I will try to explain it in the best way possible.This launcher works with the G sensor of your phone.If you tilt your phone towards left side then all the app icons will also tilt towards the left side and if you tilt phone towards the right then apps icons will also tilt towards the right.Which look pretty intrusting and cool.And sounds like the amazing thing to show off to the friend circle.

8.Facelyt For Facebook Lite

This is the lite version of the Facebook Lite application.Yes, you heard it the right lite version of a lite application.Sounds strange but it is true.And more strange thing is that this app also holds Facebook messenger inside it.Plus the size of this application Under 1 MB.Means you don't need to install messenger app.Also, this application features dark mode to use this app in dark black color.At last, it also holds the option to use this application as a floating bubble.And I must say it is way more than what I expected from an application Under 1 MB.

9.Via Browser

Via Browser is a must try browser in my opinion.It also comes under 1 MB.And performs way more than its potential.The search speed here is very fast.At least more than many browsers like UC browser or Opera browser.Also it thems itself in the colors of the website you open in it.

10.Touch Controls For YouTube

This app is very useful for everyone because we all use YouTube.And with the help of this application, you can add touch controls on youtube like we see on MX Player.Means we can adjust the volume on youtube app by sliding our right thumb on screen and brightness by sliding the left thumb upside down on the screen.This is also useful for those persons who have broken or defected Volume brokers on their phones.


So, Here was our list of Top 10 Best Android Apps For January 2018.Tells us in comments which one was your favorite.Also, stay tuned with GeekyGoom for more cool articles like this.