Top 10 Best Apps November 2017

Top 10 Best Apps November 2017

November 3, 2017 4 By Akshay

Top 10 Best Android Apps November 2017Top 10 Best Apps November 2017

Hey guys, it is the time of starting winters and we want to start your winters with Top 10 Best Apps November 2017.Hopefully, all you Androidians will enjoy these apps, and if guys have any app suggestions for us then don’t hesitate to write that in the comment section.So without talking much let just quickly jump into our list of Top 10 Best Apps November 2017.

1.Magic Particles

Well, this a live wallpaper kind of thing, which is consist of millions of tiny particles. So, whenever you tap on screen the particles will start flowing around your finger.This thing provides very good effect plus you can control them to form different shapes.It has two modes and also support for multitouch and relaxing background sound.

2.Transcribe For WhatsApp

Sometimes, we all in the condition when our friends send us voice messages on WhatsApp and that we are not able to read them because we are in public place or sometimes our phone’s speaker is not working properly.So, here is the solution for that.You just install this app on your phone, tap on that voice message and share that with Transcribe and it will change that in the readable format.

transcribe for whatsapp

3.Pin Genie Locker

Pin Genie locker is kind of advance App locking app.With this app you can locker you can lock both apps as well lock screen app.And one special thing is that it has face unlock feature like iPhone X. Although is not that much accurate like iPhone x.Plus main highlight if this app is that the position of the text keeps changing every time you try to unlock an app.That means if your friend saw you unlocking your phone, still it will be difficult for him to unlock your phone.

4.Block wifi Freeloader

Well, this is the app to manage your wireless network.With this app, you can monitor who is connected to your wifi.And if you found someone who is stealing your data then you can also kick him from your network.


LoopWall is also a live wallpaper app like Magic Particles.But the difference is that here wallpapers are Gifs.Yes heard it right Gifs.So here 200+ Gifs available on the app.And it also has support to add new gifs.So you just visit Google and download some gifs and use them as your wallpaper.simple is that.

6.N Music

N Music is a lightweight Music player.That has a material design.Plus it has some very useful features.Like support for Lyrics.10 band equalizer.A unique floating widget and sleep timer.I think that are more enough features for a music app.I mean what you can expect.


7.Snap Camera

Snap Camera is the solution for all those people who want DSLR like features on their Android phone.This app has all the features of DSLR.It has a dialer like dslr from where you can control the imge capture setting.It also supports shooting is RAW.So peoples who know how usefull RAw inages are gonna love this app.

8.Microsoft Launcher

Om Eighth position we have Microsoft launcher.Although it has the interface like stock Android or we can say like Lineage OS.Bou one special thing is that on the home screen it has built-in QR code scanner which is very much useful and helpful.


As the name suggests it is an app that manages your ringtone.So if you have this application in your phone then everytime notification sound on your phone will be different from the previous one.That sound pretty much great and customised.

10.InkWire Screen

Lastly, we have InkWire Screen, with this app you can share your phone’s screen with some other person in live circumstances.Although that person can’t control your phone, but you can teach you to tweak any setting on his phone and any other kind of help he needs from you.

So, that was it for Top 10 Android Apps November 2017.Hopefully, you guys loved these apps.