Top 5 Android Apps For September 2017

Top 5 Android Apps For September 2017

September 13, 2017 17 By Akshay

Top 5 Android Apps For Late/End 2017

In today’s life we all love applications,because they make our day to day tasks much more simpler.No matter if that is a advanced app like Macrodroid or a simple To Do Task managing application.So, today i am bringing you  a list of Top 5 Android apps for Late/End 2017.


1.Internet Speed Meter Lite

Although this app is quite old,I am using this from last 4 years but still this application is a must have application in my android phone.This app lets you see your real time internet speed in real time on the top left hand side of your phone.This also allow you to monitor your Mobile Data and Wi Fi usage for current  day as well as last 30 days. Now what more can you expect from a  4 MB application.


2.Cheetah Keyboard

Cheetah keyboard is a great keyboard application.No is can’t beat the G Board but still it one the best application on Playstore.It enhances the efficiency of gesture typing with features such as cloud prediction, slide typing, emoji prediction, voice input, 100+ languages, resizable keyboard and more.It also allow you to add theme of your own choice from tons  of themes available in theme store.Plus in new version of the application you can also add your own DIY theme.


3.Nova Launcher

My initial idea was to add a launcher in my list.So i decided i will look for a new launcher which has better features than ages old Nova Launcher.But after searching,installing and testing more than 8-9 launcher i was not able to find a single launcher that has better features than Nova launcher.So i decided to stick with this.I mean it has every single feature that one could ask to customize his/her Android phone’s appearence.It has some great feature like Customizing app drawer,Use Gestures,Hide apps, Icon Swipe and a unique feature to take backup of your current launcher settings and appearence and ability to restore back in same phone or a new one.Overall it is the best Android Launcher.


4.Graby Spin UI

Graby Spin UI is icon pack available for free of cost on Google Play Store.Its has 2457 Custom Icons,77 Cloud Wallpapers and Supports more than 27 Custom Launchers.All the icons are quite bright,rounded and provides a great look to your setup.I will reconmend you to use this with a wallpaper that has a dark fell in it.So,I think it is must for those who love to customise their android phone with new launchers and icon packs.

5.LastPass Password Manager

LastPass is by far the must have Android App for the Android user of every category,weather He or She is a Moderate user or Hardcore user.This app manages/saves your loin credentials is a safe and secure way.And it is all managed by a master password.Plus on top everything it also provides the feature to generate password which is almost impossible to hack.If you are gonna use this consider purchasing premium because that has some extra feature also that is not expensive in price.

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