Top 5 Smartphones to Expect From MWC 2018 Barcelona

Top 5 Smartphones to Expect From MWC 2018 Barcelona

February 19, 2018 1 By Akshay

MWC is one of the biggest tech events happens each year.Mobile World Congress is an event where we see so many smartphone and tech gadget launches.This year MWC is happening in Barcelona from 26 February 2018 to 1 March 2018.And there are so many gadgets we are expecting from MWC 2018.But here in this article, we will particularly talk about only 5 most awaited Smartphones from MWC 2018.


Without any doubt, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus will be the highlights of the MWC 2018.Most of the big smartphone brands are skipping to launch their flagship phones at MWC.But Samsung is not one of them.Also, the MWC event had been lucky for the Samsung from the past few years.Samsung launches a new S series flagship phones in MWC every year.Except for last year.But that can be understood.Since the Note 7 blast event happened.And due to that Samsung ran out of their schedule.And the launch of S8 and S8+ got delayed.But this year Samsung has already indicated to launch S9/S9+  on 25 Feb 2018.One day before the actual start of the MWC 2018.

There are so many things we are expecting from S9 and S9+.Like new camera tech.A better battery with some more capacity.ANd something we know is that the fingerprint scanner will be shifted below rear camera.The phone will come with Snapdragon 845 (and new Exynos processor for some regions.Also, we have a full article about what to expect from S9 and S9+.



Going with past record of LG.LG launches a new G series phone every year in MWC.But this year it is not happening.As LG said this year they will work more on R&D.But expect is that they will launch a refreshed version of LG V30.Which was a great phone.The new V30 might come with the name of LG V30+’α’.LG is the one brand who always keep trying to add some new technology to their smartphone.Something we have seen in LG V20.And in this V30+’α’ company is trying to add some advanced AI features.



In past few month, Sony was not able to grab the eyes of the consumer.As their phones were not able to completely destroy their completely destroy their competitors.But, a phone floating around the internet from past few weeks by name of Sony Xperia XZ Premium might bring some luck for Sony.The XZ Premium is expected to have 5.7 inches of 4K display and Snapdragon 845 processor under the hood.Also, some new camera sensors might be used in new Sony Flagships.As Sony is a well-respected brand when it comes to Cameras and Camera sensors.


Last year, Nokia took all the eys in the MWC.By launching the Nokia 3310 refreshed version.And this year they might launch some new version of previous year launched 3310.Maybe a 4G version.

But main highlighting factor for Nokia could be the Nokia 9.A high-end phone for Nokia.We are looking for the global launch of Nokia 6, recently launched in China.Some rumors also indicted about the Nokia 1 and 7.So, there are so many things to expect from Nokia this year.


motorola mwc 2018

Lastly, we have MOTOROLA.Or say Lenovo owned Motorola.According to rumors floating from past few weeks.Motorola is about new devices in their E, X, and G series.Means, they have at least one devices at different price brackets.Also, they are looking to bring back Play series.We have also seen some leaked images for  E5, G6, and new X series phone.

Motorola is also about to launch a Windows 10 2 in 1 powered by Snapdragon processor.And Mirage Solo,the first standalone daydream VR.