Top 6 Best Offline Android Games October 2017

Top 6 Best Offline Android Games October 2017

September 27, 2017 22 By Akshay

Top 6 Best Offline Android Games October 2017

Top 6 Best Android Gmes October 2017

Top 6 Best Offline Android Games October 2017

Nowadays we love playing Games on our Android phones because phones are portable and have a decent amount of power to run high-quality games.And we especially prefer online games because they are much better than offline games and we can also challenge other players around the globe and show our skills.But what happens if you don’t have an internet connection, at that time online games are nothing, that time they become some shit that is consuming that space in your phone.And to all that gamers we are bringing Top 6 Best Offline Android Games October 2017.

1.Zombie Fighting Champions


This game comes from the house of Reliance Entertainment with an amazing rating of 4.5 on play store.                          In this game, your mission is to create a Zombie fighting team with an array of bone-crushing weapons.You have to fight with zombies and kill them with your hero.This game has some amazing graphics and really recommended to all that gamers.

2.Bandland 2

Bandland 2 is an amazing game that I have played in last 1 month.I came to know about this game from one of my friend.I was using his phone and I saw this game, I opened it and start playing this game.And oh my god the game was so good.I quickly installed this game on my phone and start playing this continuously for hours in my home, the game was so addictive.

3.Cover Fire


This game works both in Online and Offline mode.Here you have to lead your brigade of heroes to the battlefield and kill all the enemies.You have to make strategies to kill enemies in the best possible way.Plus if you play online you have tournaments to participate in.

4.Nova Legacy

Nova legacy is the Super compressed version of main steam NOVA 3.But apart from being a super-compressed version this games still have amazing graphics.Here you have to kill Aliens and save the earth same as Nova 3.The only thing to wonder here is that how the developers put all these things in such a small game.And i think this would be the best game of our list of Top 6 Best Offline Android Games October 2017.

5.King Of Dirt

King Of dirt is a game where you get a chance to rider Bmx,mtb, and scooter.This game offers you 10 levels to play with 6 BMX and MTB.Plus you can create your own vehicle also.ALso on the online mode, you can compete with your friends too.

6.Alto’s Adventure

According to IGN, The Verge, Time and much more Including me, this is one of the best game.Here you play as the character Alto who rides on his skateboard down the hill to complete various tasks in the way.Here you get a chance to test your gaming skills with 180 levels of playing along with amazing background sound and great graphics.


Top 6 Best Offline Android Games October 2017.